Karen from Stockbridge "I cooked the 2 fillet steaks purchased from you at the Romsey show, they were absolutlely wonderful and my mother said she has never tasted steak like this before, and she has  bought and cooked a few thousand in her time as she ran a village pub and steak bar in Wiltshire for years. Well done, and I will be  ordering more from you, Thank you for caring about the food you produce, it is the way forward"

Ruth from Surrey "We have just eaten your rump steaks- delicious! Melt in the mouth beef"

Jeff from Bath "We would like to buy some fillet steaks. We bought some from the Bath & West Show on Thursday and have to say, it is the tastiest steak we have had since we were in Florida. Must have some more!

Katie, Wiltshire. "Best Beef in the World"

Ben from London " I love beef, I wake up thinking about it, my trousers are made from it. But since sampling a rib of beef from the TBC followed by a fabulous sirloinsteak, my love of beef has not become an infactuation!"

Kitty from Tidworth "Fillet of beef from the TBC was literally the best tasting beef in the world - so good I'd sell my Granny for my next hit. A complete convert - TBC beef is the only beef which will grace my kitchen table from now on"

David from Southampton "I first bought some beef from them at the Romsey Show, it was the best beef I have ever tasted and I have again and again " 

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